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Maintaining Your Companies Website Has Never Been So Easy

Are you constantly wondering when you will find the time to make those much needed updates to your site?

We all know that in order to maintain and improve organic search engine rankings, you need to update and maintain your website. If your site is stagnate and stale, with very little updating, your site will suffer. Google and the other search engines like highly relevant, constantly updated sites.

How Outsourcing Temps Can Help You Maintain Your Website
You can hire one or several of our temp agents to update pages, create content, build links and much much more!

Time to ask yourself the hard question...How much money am I losing trying to get my website up by myself?

Outsourcingtemps.com can do all of these things for you. You found this site because you understand the concept of working smart not hard. Do you really need to learn website design before you set up your business website? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!

We have created the following website maintenance packages designed to help you to continue to develop a strong web presence.

Monthly Maintenance
Monthly reoccurring services- Our no hassle, worry free maintenance plans will have the search engines loving and indexing your site frequently

Website Content Packages -thoroughly researched & keyword targeted articles dealing with your site

Every month our writes will create original content for your sites. We all know that content is king, and search engines love sites with lots of content. Let us help you to continue to grow your site with one of these packages. –
  • 5 pages         450 – 600 words $75
  • 10 pages       450 – 600 words $150
  • 15 pages       450 – 600 words $225
  • 20 pages       450 – 600 words $300

Webmaster Package

Would you like one of our webmasters to make changes to your site? You can hire a webmaster to work with you on an hourly basis. Our webmasters will, add content, SEO pages, perform keyword research for you, moderate your forums, maintain your blogs and newsletters.
  • 2 hours a month         $30
  • 4 hours a month         $60
  • 6 hours a month         $90
  • 1 day               $100
  • 2 days             $200
  • 3 days             $288
  • 4 days             $352
  • Work Week    $400 (40 hours a month)

Link Builders

At one time you just needed to have lots of links to move your site to the top of the search engines. Now the search engines have evolved enough to recognize quality links and discount link farms and the like. Our link builders will research and find you quality sites to link to. Link building is EXTREMELY time consuming so we can only bill by the day.

To start your link building campaign we suggest you hire one of our link builders for a week minimum. To learn more about what our link builders can do for your business please click here - Link building

Link Builder – billed by the day only – no hourly
  • 1 day               $100
  • 2 days             $290
  • 3 days             $276
  • 4 days             $340
  • Work Week    $400

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